Bio:    pandora black


We are Pandora Black from Fort Lauderdale Florida. Pandora Black is a 4 piece Electronic Synth-pop band with a slightly darker edge. With influences that range from New Wave, Synth-pop and Trip-Hop, including artist such as Massive Attack, Garbage and Depeche Mode

We wanted to bring back a sort of post millennium Electronic Synth-pop sound; a combination of a great 80’s retro feel, but with a new twist. 80’s music was amazing and so much fun, but at times some may see it as campy and a little outdated. So we put our own spin on it with just a hint of Dark Wave and Trip-Hop elements, while maintaining a mesmerizing groove and dance-able beats that just make you want to move and feel good. In addition to the retro feel, it is important to us that each of our songs stand out individually on their own, so the album does not sound like one long song. There is something for everyone and genres are crossed. The songs can range from a Middle Eastern feel, to an 80’s feel, to an ethereal trip-hop feel. In addition, we consider each of our shows to be a visual as well as auditory experience, as image is very much a part of what we do. We understand the principles of entertaining, marketing, image and commercial appeal. Each member of Pandora Black has vast writing, recording, performing and touring experience.  

We have performed at multiple venues and events, but more recently have headlined the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Ball in New Orleans, and performed with Tim Skold (from Marilyn Manson and KMFDM).

Our newest album “into the Shadows” was just released in 2016

The members of Pandor Black are:
Daiane Azura     - Vocals
Ricco Black     - Vocals and Guitars
Synn Hexxx     - Bass
Ernie Noir    - Keys, Synths, Drum machines

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